Vacation Ideas: Special Offers from South African Airways

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to March Happy New Month! I am so happy we all made it. I hope this month brings us all unlimited joy and prosperity. Don’t forget this is the right time to start booking your cruises, holiday buddy trips and family vacations.

Five Star Travel is always here to offer stress free travel solutions to your favorite destinations. The best thing is our service charge is  5%!

South African Airways are offering great deals to Destinations of interest  check them out below.


Booking a Ticket with Five Star Travel is easy and it just takes 5 steps!

  1. Call / WhatsApp or email us on our helpline +2348171171925 or via the chat buttton.
  2. Give us your selection.
  3. Receive your invoice with account details.
  4. Deposit Payment. 
  5. Recieve your Ticket Confirmation. 

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