Travel Guide: How to Choose the Right Travel Insurance

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Today we came across an article in the UK Sunday Mail and we thought we would share it with you. It speaks about the importance of having travel insurance and even more insightful it speaks about what readers need to look out for when shopping for travel insurance.

When choosing the right companies to offer our clients we consider a few factors before we recommend them to our clients

  • Customer Service – How do they interact with us as a client really helps us decided whether they are right for our clients. Are they proactive about issues
  • Coverage Restrictions – Is there more fine print that actual coverage for clients

Saddle up with the best travel insurance: How to make sure your cover is fit for purpose – Jo Thornhill (UK Mail)

Millions of people will book holidays abroad over the coming weeks – whether it is for the summer or the half-term break at the end of next month.

Almost half – a staggering 47 per cent of travellers – will fail to put insurance in place in case anything goes horribly wrong while on holiday or even if a trip overseas has to be cancelled at short notice.

Of those that do opt for travel insurance, few will make sure their cover is fit for purpose. Many will buy on the basis that cheapest is best.

Like most insurance, travel cover is fraught with pitfalls. High excesses are commonplace – the first part of any claim that must be met. Pastimes as harmless-sounding as pony trekking may not be covered if you have an accident.

Other potential issues include upper-age limits on cover and restrictions for those who suffer with medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart conditions, diabetes and cancer.


We have to consider these things this year because safety and security is very precious in these times. Protect yourself and the ones you love but more importantly save yourself the hassle of dealing with incompetency.

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