This Week’s Football Deals

Welcome to a brand new week Great Deals for all our football fans out there. Have a blessed week! Congratulations to our favourite team Manchester United on their latest signing Defender, Harry Mcguire.

9th Aug

Liverpool v Norwich Code L11 £350, Premier Club £375 (e-ticket)

10th Aug

Spurs v Villa Travel Club Block 002/003 £375 (e-ticket)

Watford v Brighton Horizons Hosp GT Stand £50 (e-ticket)

West Ham v Man City GA Block 236 £95, Academy Lounge Block 208/209 £125 (e-ticket)

11th Aug

Man Utd v Chelsea Museum Hosp Block N3408 £345 (papers)

17th Aug

Saints v LFC GA Block 3&11 £125 (e-ticket)

Everton v Watford Peoples Club £85 (collection)

Arsenal v Burnley Clubs £150 (e-ticket)

18th Aug

Chelsea v Leicester Captains £225, Centenary £275, Wise £250 (papers)

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