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May 7, 2021

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Robben Island …The Prison of Dreams

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If you are thinking of where to take your family or students for a deep history lesson Robben Island is your destination. The island is located about 30 mins north from Capetown. There is a fee per head visiting the museum but we can help make arrangements on your behalf.

We walked the halls and visited the cell that housed one the world’s greatest influencer of Peace, Unity and Love Nelson Mandela.

The whole tour was an emotional one neither of us knew the real struggle we saw like everyone else the triumph from the outside but we didn’t know the internal struggle and deep forgiveness it took to forge South Africa forward.

Notably the Island is secluded and the chilly winds almost made it inhumane for prisoners to sleep in numbers on the bare floor. The entrance was arched with large doors and a doorbell the sound was chilling.

The hallways were long and distant the courtyard or recreation area still housed Nelson Mandela’s garden. There were no sports facilities. We moved to the sections that housed the prisoners including the cell that housed Mandela. The contents were humbling and a true testament to the suffering the prisoners endured. They were seldom allowed to communicate with loved ones. The Island also had housed lepers in a former era so there was a church a drive from the main building.

The Maximum security prison is also a short distance away from the cell block. Perhaps the most emotional part of the tour was looking at the Mining site prisoners were made to dig. The mine was massive and we were informed the prisoners did this every day.

Young Boys went to Robben Island and emerged men. Heroes fighting for equality it was a truly humbling experience. Those who gave their lives to the fight for freedom paid the ultimate price once they entered Robben Island.

Long live freedom in Africa

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