Premier League Specials

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to another special week in the English Premier League let Five Star Travel be your official agent for all your Premier League Purchases here are the games available for purchase please indicate how many you would need and the correct spelling of all names of the intended Attendees.

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Manchester City v Southampton02/11/201993:20 Suite £55
Watford v Chelsea02/11/2019Horizons Hospitality £55 (single)
West Ham United v Newcastle United02/11/2019East Stand £25/Academy £45
Crystal Palace v Leicester City03/11/2019Mainstand £55
Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans03/11/2019Club Endzone £35/Side-line £40
Chelsea v Ajax05/11/2019Centenary £355
Liverpool v Genk05/11/2019Code L12/Premier Club £130
FC Barcelona v Celta de Vigo09/11/2019Paris Lounge €130
Leeds United v Blackburn Rovers09/11/2019Leeds Lounge £55 (single)
Newcastle United v Bournemouth09/11/2019Gallowgate £40/Barracks £50
Tottenham Hotspur v Sheffield United09/11/2019Travel Club Block 312 £155/Block 002 £320
Chelsea v Crystal Palace09/11/2019UTB/Wise Suites £150
Manchester United v Brighton10/11/2019Kit Room £125/Academy (food) £135/Museum Post £155
England v Montenegro14/11/2019Club Wembley £55

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