People We Love: The Victims, The Heroes and The Survivors of El Paso and Ohio Shootings

On Saturday the 4th of August the whole world watched in horror as lone gunmen opened fire on 31 innocent people going about their regular lives in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio in The United States of America.

22 people were killed in El Paso where anti immigrant and white nationalist individual opened fire on shoppers in the neighbourhood shopping centre. The shooter was arrested and would be tried for domestic terrorism. The death penalty will be sought in the case. In Ohio at least 9 people were killed and the shooter was gunned down by Police.

Our thoughts and Prayers go out to the victims families and those connected with this tragedy. I couldn’t believe that this kind of thing could happen again on American soil. The value of human life has truly declined in the world and I think it’s time that safety and security workshops and drills need to be setup in communities to ensure safety and security for all citizens. Just as we all do the mandatory fire drills at our various places at work we should have an equal for emergency evacuations.

Nobody deserves to be killed this way and we pray their legacies live on forever in their families lives. Cherish the memories and more importantly we forgive those who trespass against us. To the survivors we are incredibly comforted by your presence and I know some of you lost loved ones or had to say goodbye to dear friends or even a husband or a wife. There are even some amongst you that are heroes who helped others get to safety despite the dangers you found yourself in. Thank you for being incredibly brave through it all.

We have to do better as a community and reach out its the only way we can identify the bad seeds amongst us.

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