People We Love: The Calabasas 9

On February 26th 2020 just like any Sunday I was checking TMZ for the latest news unfortunately for me it was when the tragic death of Oscar Winner, Five Time NBA Champion Kobe Bean Bryant, his daughter Gigi and seven others was filtering in. A part of me froze tears streamed down my eyes and I just went to YouTube and watched all his interviews. Kobe was a childhood inspiration for me growing up. From his boldness to address allegations to his on the court performance he was truly the best sportsman. I never compared him with anyone just like Jordan and Lebron everyone has done enough to stand on their own without comparison.

The saddest thing was to learn that this tragic event happened while on their way to a scheduled practice. They didn’t die in vain they died because of their commitment and passion for the game of basketball. Their death rings home the need for those who run air transport services to put the required equipment or make the difficult decision to fly or not to fly regardless of the VIP involved. Because of a lack of clear rules apart from what allowed them to work in special conditions these lives could not be saved. Do not as a pilot panic when you cant see remain calm and look at your instruments or reach out for help from air traffic control.

Another suggestion that I have is that location be provided by pilots to air traffic control during special conditions like fog to all for emergency landings and pick ups. They were almost there and had he landed safely he would have just rode in a car the rest of the way.

A lot of us had not forgotten the lasting legacy Kobe Bryant left behind but we did after his Oscar win become more interested in his past than his future. A man is not defined by his past but is defined by the steps he takes to create a better future for those who depend on him. His willingness to groom players in basketball even while he was still playing speaks of his immense contribution to the history of the NBA. Our childhood memories were filled with everyone wanting to be like Kobe even shoot like Kobe, Ball like him and it really speaks of the truth in fact that staying committed to what you love and who you love does help build a long lasting legacy.

I will miss them all though I barely knew them apart from Kobe and they will always be The People We Love Forever.

There will be drama there will be low times but in the end you true passion will light the way for others to do the same. Our thoughts and prayers are with his parents, his wife, his children the families they all left behind.

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