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February 28, 2021

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People We Love: The Adefope’s

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I can’t truly express how much love and admiration I have for the people that showed me God’s love everyday until they passed. This week’s People We Love nod goes to my humble grandparents on a special day, our founders post humous birthday. This post has been a long time coming but I am so happy and thrilled that I finally have a chance to speak from my heart. These are the amazing people who provided the vision to establish Five Star Travel in Lagos in 1979.

Their unbelievable commitment to loving, developing and appreciating family despite struggles has positivetly inspired me throughout my life. They were always a beacon of hope and wise counsel for me and members of my family. Today while they are no longer alive their dream is still alive. I honestly want to use it as an opportunity to let you know that the people that really love you will always love you regardless of how difficult the situation may be. They will love you through it. They used have us all around on weekends to celebrate laugh and just enjoy the blessing of family.

I am always reminded because of them that building trust, loyalty and keeping your promises are important to riding out the storm.

Major General Henry Adefope was a retired Medical Doctor in the Nigerian Army, an avid sportsman serving as Commisioner for Sports that commisioned the builing of the National Stadium Surulere and an Olympic Committee Lifetime Member. The first son born to his mother on the 15th of March 1924. His mother gave birth to him herself because she had lost many children before him. He was educated in Nigeria and in Glasgow, Scotland. One day he accompanied a friend to the port to meet his cousin who he would fall in love and marry.  Mrs. Dorothy Adefope nee Adefarasin one of the early certified nurses in Lagos at the time and a devout Christian.

They would be lifetime partners  raising 7 children together, 19 Grandchildren and 5 Great Grand Children. Until her death in 1995 there was no event they wouldn’t attend together. The General though he lost his soulmate continued the legacy his life left behind by assuming her role as trusted counsellor and prayer warrior for the family welcoming the grand children and great grandchildren she didn’t have the opportunity to see.

Sometimes a little love, lots of faith and encouragement can impact a generation!

We love you always Grandpa and Grandma

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