People We Love: Dave Chappelle!

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Dave Chappelle to me is one of the most gifted and honest comedians in the world today. He makes laughing truly what it should be spontaneous and endless. I Don’t know if maybe it’s because it isn’t forced and repetitive it actually flows from down in his soul. You may not agree with me but there is no Dave Chapelle comedy special where you heard the same joke over and over again he creates new content that makes you laugh at the stereotypes we as a society have created to separate ourselves. His re-emergence is almost in perfect timing most of us are grateful for life and though it may come with its strives at least we get to laugh and its not just a laugh where they laugh more than you its a genuine joke.

The Show it probably will go down in world history as the funniest skit show ever to grace the Comedy Central franchise. They probably haven’t gotten the same ratings since the show. Dave Chappelle’s witty retorts and funny expressions make us all comfortable with the things that used to make us cry. It reminds us its not about just clowning your family but getting people involved talking to an audience and then telling your jokes. When you turn down millions just to have free speech and movement you bounce back better and you are ready for the work ahead.

You have got to be brave and speak up for yourself and also respect that while everybody might not agree with you or want to listen to you you’ve got to be strong enough to say it anyway with some balls (Dave Chapelle Voice)!

You’ve come a long way brother and there’s plenty more miles to go and plenty more jokes in that fishbowl to tell God bless you

Thoughts and prayers also to Kevin Hart Get well soon brother blessings to all….


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