Nollywood Movie Reviews: King of Boys

We got the amazing opportunity of watching Kemi Adetiba’s movie”The King of Boys” last night on Netflix after a friend recommended it on twitter.

The film stars Sola Sobowale as Alhaja Eniola Salami, Adesua Etomi as Kemi Salami, Jide Kosoko as Alhaji Salami, Osas Ighodaro as Sade Bello, Illbliss as Odogwu Malay, Reminisce as Makanaki, Toni Tones as Young Salami, Akin Lewis as Aare Akinwade, Demola Adedoyin as Kitan Salami, Sani Muazu as Inspector Shehu, Paul Sambo as Nurudeen Gobir and Sharon Ooja as Amaka

The first thing I would say is the story is very rich and original but the runtime is quite long for a feature movie. I often found myself compesating with an occasional glance at my phone. The characters all did an amazing job in bringing the story to life and despite the long sitting I felt that with some much needed transition adjustments and some minor changes and maybe a few snip snips it could be an Oscar winning film.

I won’t be including a lot of spoilers in this review but its important to note that the sound in some moments of the film could have been better they seemed obviously over dubbed, high pitched and devoid of the emotions of the character. There were scenes where you burst out in to genuine laughter because of the funny expressions of Sola Sobowale especially in the Prayer Scenes and her visit to the market and encounter with the young woman.

I loved in particular the mix of Native language and English and also the inclusion of subtitles for easy reference. The Opening scene for example and encounter with the Governor seemed long and really not necessary it could have been cut down to just their interaction although the guest and her reaction was also a funny highlight as well.

In terms of transition I felt that in some scenes where Eniola was flashing back to her old days there was no visual indication that it was a flash back no white clouds no subtitles with the year of reference. A movie watcher would easily get lost because they don’t know which is past and present day even though the characters name is repeated a clear definition with a text such as ’10 years ago’ would have made the story more easier to grasp for the average viewer.

A lot of scenes could have been skipped or even a side by side transition introduced particularly when Eniola and her goons had the opportunity to Kill (Spoiler Retracted) we should have seen the planning side by side with the stand down as opposed to being shown the long visual. We should have even seen (Spoiler) plotting to have (Spoiler) Killed. There was a particular subtitle that got stuck on display during the film towards the ending so the editing could have been better to remove that. You can find that around the 22:25 – 22:38 mark.

The ease of transitions between past and present would have made it an even better film but overall I loved it and would give it a 7 out of 10.

I felt it was even longer than American Gangster but lacked the transitions that made that film enjoyable. Kemi Adetiba shines in her great story telling abilities but suffers a bit in carrying the audience along without clear transitions. The Wedding Party was set in modern times so there was no need to go back and forth between past and present so its unfair to knock her down it was really a hard script to pull off. There were some points in the story where I felt why did they kill (spoiler ) when he had fulfilled his obligations and not passed judgement against Eniola? it was almost unnecessary. Why did (spoiler) kill the goon If he wasn’t the one that sent him and what about the relationship between (spoiler) and Makanaki we never saw any visual hint we just heard about a text but there could have been one even a screen shot of the phone with a link to explain why Makanaki would kill him for missing the target. There was a clear gap there the end could have been smoothly transitioned.

Great to see Nollywood continue to give us original stories and talented actors and actresses continue to interpret difficult roles literally everyone shines in this film and it was a good watch just a bit long.

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