Nigeria at 59

Happy Independence Day Nigeria this is Home Sweet Home! a land of many colours, tribes and diverse options in making a career of doing what you love. Nigeria at 59 is blessed by its people, its resources and her self sufficiency but she lacks a leadership that unites in strength.

A leadership that divides is a leadership that lies. I really just made that up but it hurts to see how we haven’t changed the narrative. We must for everyone all around the world. We must not only promise with starry eyes but take effective steps to achieve. We must not seclude others because we are envious of their talent, upbringing and their humility but include others. I feel as a Nigerian we all have a choice as to who we are going to be in Society. Will we be the dependable ones who stand the test of time with loyalty, humility and love for their people or will we be silent, troublesome, violent and oppressive only because it’s not happening to you yet.

Theres a lot to say but at 59 Nigeria is an ageing woman withering daily from low minimum wage, high taxes, land use charges and fees. Nigerians pay more to live and work in Nigeria but with dialogue, strategy and a clear plan Nigeria can be the best country in West Africa feeding its people with affordable low income housing as opposed to huts and remote villages with no access to adequate electricity.

Nigerians just have to believe and act like they love Nigeria. We can’t all be farmers. Foreigners need to pay our people well for jobs that require long hours and huge man force. Our leaders must play their role in ensuring they are protecting the rights of all don’t carry beef enter office. Answer questions not as they were written but as the mission to lead all of us to prosperity. We cannot be patriots by day and agents of destruction at night and say we love our nation. If we call companies out for bad service we are doing to help them be better in Nigeria for Nigerians. Ever since I switched to Tizeti I discovered the blessing in speaking up because they improved. You will be a slave to their mentality if you cannot speak up. A true business does not get angry and spiteful at criticism they improve they make an effort. Had I not been criticised by those close to me to drop music I released the Album.

When it comes to my beliefs and hopes for Nigeria I am not blinding by the truths there’s a need for our security forces to exercise a human element when enforcing law and order, need for us to learn to live with people who can shine with even less than we have and a belief that our nation is worthy of our input.

Happy Birthday Nigeria, Girl you have come along way …them heels look scorched but there’s so much potential and hope in your resilience.


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