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January 19, 2021

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LifeStyle: Trust

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In our lives, in our businesses, in our homes, in our offices, in our friendships, and in our relationships we all apply Trust. Trust to me is simply believing in someone or something so you do your best to accomodate them and make life generally easier for them. You take risks for them, invest in them, and do you your best to promote and build financially with them. The level of trust we give varies depending on the individuals, the environment and the circumstances that we face. We can generally trust those we are close to including those we share common ground with, those who provide the tools for us to do what we do, and even those in our inner circle of trust. Never would we want to ever think that for any possible reason they would be jealous of you and sabotaging your efforts. Often times we have to make adjustments to our level of trust because we encounter the scary truth and we see the patterns.

Trust is not a luxury that we just hand out to anybody it is to be respected and returned in a likewise fashion else we risk working, living, and loving people that want to hurt us and render us unable to fend for ourselves. It is something we build one day at a time by simply honoring our words. It is not a way for you exploit people and drain them financially. Many people only trust you when it favors them or when they have found that nobody is truly as loyal as you are despite the fact that you’ve been treated unfairly all this while.

I want to encourage you today to look out for the patterns and adjust your level of trust with others. It will help you stay productive and endearing to those who truly support you. Your dreams aren’t theirs and one day they are going to reap what they have sowed in our lives.

When it comes to trust I genuinely give everyone 3 strikes. The first strike is I was blindsided but we can work at this. The second strike I can see clearly that there is a problem here however I am willing to give you another shot. The third strike I am quite aware that you are deliberately sabotaging my efforts however for peace and prosperity to reign in our lives we must do things separately.

Why? we build with those who know what it is like. Those who see that we are all just here to love and be loved, to trust and be trusted, to lift and be lifted and to bless and be blessed. Sometimes I give 4 or even 5 or sometimes I give unlimited trust and even though sometimes I do get hurt in the process at least I am not doing it to somebody else. I am not making it my mission to hurt others. I am simply carrying on a legacy of love, service and respect to humanity.

Thank you for trusting me and if I for some reason have stopped trusting you there is a reason and communication and transperancy can always bridge the gap.


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