LifeStyle: Travel and Corona

On January 20th 2020 the whole world was notified by China about a very dangerous flu-like virus now known as the COVID-19 first spotted in Wuhan, China.

The virus has since spread to many countries around the world with many facing lockdowns, power reductions and much more. Travel has been affected like never before millions of stranded people crammed in airports like never before. Many itinerary changes last minute cancellations left a lot of people sad and out of pocket. Some had to pay more if they got non refundable tickets or really cheap tickets. Airlines for the first time were begging only those travelling within a certain period only to call. It exposed one thing that we focus too much on income and hitting numbers but not on the workforce (the people). A lot of travel agency’s and businesses have sent emails regarding this virus and its severity. Policies are being amended to accommodate no contact and people are buying well needed necessities preparing for the worst. Here I am still hoping for the best. Got an invitation that came in a zip log bag and was freaked for a bit because who does that? I am Still believing in the old saying “You’ve got to make your house your home”

Treat your body the way you want it to defend you including not allowing people not comfortable in theirs to tell you how to live yours.

The first industry to be hit that affected us was the cruise industry. This would mean that the industry must take a really serious approach to disinfecting its boats before embarkation and also employing more staff to do this. Sometimes to cut down costs we cut key staff that ensure that certain functions are cleaned and maintained. This primary case in my opinion escalated because many more people caught the virus because they were still on the ship and the Air Conditioning circulation (in a contaminated zone).

Then china sent aid to Italy and their problems doubled and worsened in 24 hours as opposed to reducing them then they send a video of them building hospitals, we applaud their initiative. This virus is not a show off opportunity for nations. Its not about who can do what better this is a case of can you help or not or will you hinder progress if you choose not to in a developing world.

We want technology and to be able to have things on demand but do we forget sometimes that without people what we have are just products for sale.

The next industry Corona visited was the travel industry our beloved industry was hit hard but not before affecting agriculture and the way we live breath and maintain a safe environment.

Many flights were cancelled and many trips have been delayed shockingly not before money as paid …..many visa applications have been suspended for now.

The Corona Virus has brought so much fear to many people, loss to many families and economic distress to world leaders. Brave enough to stand before us to give us updates we argue about misinformation but forget bravery.

It has also brought a deep realisation that every single one of us matters and our steps for safety and health can harm or help us be a generation to be remembered.

We deeply commiserate with anyone suffering from the virus and those in health care more susceptible to the virus. Someone expressed today how lonely it would absolutely feel to have Corona Virus. I encourage people to reach out to others sometimes they may react in various ways. Some are truly happy to hear from an old friend while some are less than intrigued because it hasn’t happened to them. The truth is we all deserve to live long enough to pursue our dreams and we can we just have to believe and take precaution when out in public.

To understand a virus you have to understand the source (a market where many types of meat and live animals are close in contact with each other.) A place where it is common for pieces of flesh to be eaten by other animals and then consumed (what some call a delicacy). This meat is bought and sold and consumed or packaged and widely distributed to other countries.

Sometimes unknowingly kiss people with the same mouth used to consume that infected animal, soon they hug a co-worker as they depart on a trip that person beckons an air hostess to please bring coffee on a flight the air hostess hands the coffee and at the end of the trip collects the same cup. In other words we end up with a few things or the other especially when we are not quite faithful to respecting the safety and security of our loved ones or even to humanity by not watching what we consume. It is very possible for the contamination in crowded and uncleaned areas or even areas where the right social distance is not being adhered to. I personally don’t walk around with a mask because for me its just awkward walking around all day smelling your spit. Anything that can remain in the air for me is man made and has an expiry date but the things God made live long enough to declare his victory.

We don’t have a long list or a WHO backing but we do know that we made our website pretty with self booking so you don’t have to contact us if you don’t want to. A lot of destinations are shutting down so we have not been promoting destinations for now we sort of just been gaming and coming to terms with what is really happening around the world. As we wait for clear skies. This virus affects the lungs it’s to scar you for life but we will overcome and incomes and live shows that we’re meant to happen this year for now are prosponed or otherwise cancelled. We will update you on any major changes we don’t even know if this years world cup may hold but we will also keep you updated just keep a safe distance and if your sick medicate and self isolate.

Be careful though too much boredom may make you try to get people entangled in emotions so you don’t have to deal with the real pressing issues in the world. Who you are affects how far you will go to protect the ones you love.

It doesn’t matter if your Ghandi they will still treat you like an enemy knowing fully well your like a good friend they’re afraid to lose.

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