LifeStyle: The Voice of The User Against All Odds

Nine times out of Ten there is something we all have in common. Passion that drives us and keeps us reaching towards what gives us joy and what makes others feel loved and appreciated. Sure we have parents and family members who occasionally pressure you to succeed but majority of the passion comes from your desire to live a better life. This does not include framing, blackmailing, stealing and corruption. It includes time, perseverance, dedication, inspiration and the most important word of all – commitment.

I knew it won’t be easy bringing integrity to how I do things but it sure is worth it. This week I spent checking out one of Nigeria’s fin-tech digital banks and honestly when they say believe the reviews I know what they mean. A lot of people like me are tired of the monopoly these banks hold over your own cash. It is easy to deposit but when withdrawing there’s always an error or network failure. Money can literally disappear into thin air and this is disturbing and scary for us as a lot of businesses like mine rely on funds to provide a service. I also took the opportunity to reconnect with an old bank I had abandoned in the past and everything seemed fantastic I was looking forward to restarting business after a year of lockdown. That didn’t sit well with most you see rather than admit that you are making strides and gaining traction people would rather FRAME you. It really be the Grace of God that you have a strong network of confidential advisers and lawyers that you can talk to because they are very negative and energy draining they just want to be you. Innovative you, creative you, humble you if they could clone you they will. Against all odds do what you can to move your business forward they will be snared by the traps they set.

It is time we start to support the tech entrepreneurs making a difference and forcing institutions to implement modern technologies to catch up. Watching the videos and reading the social media posts you’d believe that experience equals commitment and integrity but it doesn’t when it comes to trusting an organization blindly.

There are 6 key things I look for when I am looking for who to partner with for the next phase of my business.

  1. Reviews show you what it is like to be a user on the platform it can be the greatest insight into the companies behavior. Wether they are older or newer they are still relevant and sometimes you need to look out for lock outs and pin resets that is clear somebody is focused on your account and could put you in serious debt if it is your main receiving account for your business.
  2. Response time. How effective are they at handling clients issues do they respond? Do they offer in house support or just a bot. It says a lot when a business does not want to interact with you but wants your money and loyalty.
  3. Do they have faith in you? Sure you’ve never met them physically but you’ve basically given them your BVN so they can see your information. Are they always skeptical about you making up social scenarios about you. Presumptive that you aren’t being honest? Do they control access to your funds for no reason? Then they don’t have faith in you uninstall.
  4. Do they have a fraud team. This is really important in Nigeria they must have a dedicated team to combat identity fraud and monitor spending patterns to know if the account has been compromised and stop all these scam betting companies from grabbing users cash.
  5. Are you a number or a Pay Check. Do you feel welcomed or do you feel overcharged?
  6. The Final one for me is do they personally interact with clients on social media. Do they make an effort to solve the issue or are they just saving face.

There are many reasons to be discouraged but don’t give in. Our Clients if you still want to make payments to us we will create a dedicated page with banking Details and partners for the new era. Stay safe and remember if you weren’t doing the right thing they won’t be trying so hard to discredit you.

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Happy Palm Sunday and Rest In Peace Mohammed Anwar

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