It is such a joy to see thousands or even millions of smiling faces and it brings sadness to know that thousands also perished this Christmas in tragic disasters all around the world. Our thoughts are with you and we encourage those in a position to assist to give aid to the nations and join in the relief effort. We are truly our brother’s keepers in this world and unless we are willing to step up and play a part things will always stay the same. We know how fed up everyone is but violence and destroying city property is not the answer. We don’t fight oppression with violence we fight with intelligence. We fight when we do what is right in our daily lives regardless of how we are being treated. We fight when we don’t support what deprives us but we support what inspires us.

It is very easy for us to forget the simple things and what truly matters we watched a nation finally acknowledge a religious holiday, we watched people unite despite years of silence and tension. We saw the true Christmas spirit the world truly deserves. We saw humanity at peace this Christmas and truly that is what we all deserve. Love is a universal language and it is that love that keeps us alive today. Christmas was about love in the form of a promise fulfilled.

Personally, I got my Christmas present a day earlier it wasn’t an item but it was priceless and I spent Christmas with the people who make me feel priceless. The people who understand the true spirit of Christmas. You are not just a spectator