LifeStyle: The Olympics and Peace to The World

The Olympics since it first began has always been a token of peace for the world and this years Tokyo 2020 Olympics was no different and held tradition even a year later than scheduled. The event held in 2021 was originally meant to be held in 2020 but as the Corona Virus raged its ugly head it had to be moved to accommodate athletes and that perhaps added to the additional preparations and secure arrangements for all the games.

Nations got Gold, Silver and Bronze while some nations were proud to finally be represented. Sports has always helped remind the world that we don’t always have to compete with guns and violence that our strength can be tested and our triumph can be validated with a fair chance and a rare opportunity. There were cheers, smiles, laughter, tears and most importantly traits of forgiveness and love as shown by the Japanese.

We have a lot to be thankful for because Olympics reminds us all that we actually work together without some of our nations our best beloved electronics and gadgets will not be made. Jamaica has shown us time and time again that preparation ensures victory. The hard training produces results. I saw survivors of illnesses get back up on the podium. I saw war torn nations put pride aside and compete. I saw people, I saw love I saw families in short the whole event was a reminder of the importance of the Olympic committee in a modern world. Was it freedom? it was fought was it discipline on not doping? it was taught.

The 2021 Tokyo Olympic was spectacularly managed and kept drama free by the Japanese. The broadcast and partnerships with different media houses across the world allowed for global coverage. They were able to incorporate dance, culture and togetherness as tradition as always demanded for the Olympics. This was an event that the pandemic threatened early in the year but the Olympic Committee did spectacularly well in organizing and providing support for all athletes. You couldn’t tell for a moment that the world was recovering from a deadly disease that threatened our peace and security.

All Olympic ceremonies till date that I have been privileged to be alive to witness have been amazing to behold even going back to Atlanta in 1996. From choreography, to talents, to models, to the volunteers who ensured everything went smoothly. We the people make the Olympics what it truly is, not our weapons and Japan’s was no exception. The creative displays of technology and human movement in the opening ceremony was a beauty to behold and proof that despite scars, and lingering resentments working together as a world to excel can be the most beautiful part of life. When all is said and done and lab tests concluded there no greater prelude to peace than sportsmanship.

Tokyo Stadium.
Jan Woitas/picture alliance via Getty Images
Flag bearers Yusra Mardini and Tachlowini Gabriyesos of the Refugee Olympic Team lead their team out during the opening ceremony.
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Races were heroically won by medalists from all nations. New records were set, Old ones improved and Athletes hugged, embraced one another with a smile regardless of win or defeat. The honor to represent your nation was evident the Tokyo Olympics will always be remembered for generations to come. Not even a pandemic could stop the world coming together to put their best foots forward for peace and progress. Every country represented showed that despite the pandemic they were working hard to provide adequate training and access to equipment for citizens to perform at the peak of their performance. Opportunities to exceed that do not involve corruption, manipulation, oppression and bigotry will always be a Success for the world.

I enjoyed this one and I am proud of every nation that competed. I even felt inspired that people of any age even if your local community doubted you could build up the courage and represent their nation.

Cheers to Tokyo! and the rest of the participating countries….. Well done.

VIP officials look on during the opening ceremony.
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