LifeStyle: Price Hikes and Little Lies

Often times I spend a lot of time eating out at restaurants especially if its to avoid traffic or just kill sometime before meeting back up with people. Some places you love the vibe, appreciate the price and added services make it all worth it. The Chinese Restaurant at Mega Plaza and Traffic Bar are those places for me that I know I can never be disappointed but today I couldn’t make it across the pond so I decided to try lunch at a different place in Ikoyi.

I made my way to the area passing a heavily construction area to this restaurant which I must say is designed well but I am leaving the name of the restaurant because I don’t want to call them out per-say they still have a good decor but I do want to note that not only did they overcharge me for a cheese burger I felt like the second burger was missing because it was so small for N4,000 and I am wondering how are they able to do is in broad daylight. The picture illustration is what the size of the one burger was like. I would have gotten a full meal and soup had I gone elsewhere so I really made a poor choice. In the end I was even charged N5,000 for the burger and coke plus card fees and all that and I just wondered as I was paying what in devils name brought me there. The burger was tasty but for almost 10 pounds I was like no wonder everyone is just buying drinks.

Ladies and Gentlemen if you are at a restaurant and nobody is eating but drinking it is an expensive gamble and to be honest they’ll even lie about the Total just to make their daily goal. How do you feel about being baited for a price and then switched at the end? Has it affected your eating out plans?

The first time I went to the restaurant I actually ended up at a cheaper place in the same compound …My guardian angel was definitely not on Christmas holiday then!


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