LifeStyle: Nigeria at 60

On the 1st October 2020, Nigeria will be celebrating its diamond jubilee as it turns 60. The Government is planning a year long celebration both offline and online and we can’t wait to join them to celebrate this great nation.

A lot of us who were born here in Nigeria are thankful that our country has continued to progress slowly but steadily. Things are still tough daily for the average Nigerian in terms of price increments but we are making much needed progress as a nation together. I have dreams and hopes for this blessed nation regardless of party lines and affiliations.

We can move ahead and be inclusive of everyone so we can all have a chance to prosper not just a few. Anyone who is able to make positive changes in their respective communities and bring the people along should have an equal opportunity to lead moving forward it’s not so much the desire alone but more about the vision and execution.

Our nation is blessed with natural resources, vast land for infrastructure and hardworking people that serve their father’s land in some way or the other. No matter what is thrown at us we always survive. The average Nigerian works very hard to make money no matter how little it is to take home while some may instead choose the easy route like profiting over the loss of others via fraud. This doesn’t take away from the resilient hardworking spirit of Nigerians.

Let’s be proud of our great nation at 60 and let’s pray for our leaders so they understand that its not about ownership, increments and loans but more about development, maintenance and sustenance because this is what will help us care for, feed and grow our economy for our citizens. When everybody has spending power no matter how little it is our nation will grow economically.

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