LifeStyle: How Xenophobia Affects Humanity

As Africans united in the struggle against Racism dealt to us by our former colonisers we must strive to kick out traces of Xenophobia amongst us. What happened in South Africa recently shocked the world because of the level of violence and complete disregard for the life of a fellow human being. Forget about their origins they deserve a better life instead of waging war against them stand up for your rights and take your destiny into your hands guided by your creator. Nobody is responsible for where we may find ourselves in life if we don’t make the effort every single day in your own way. Everybody is gifted with something and sometimes you have to discover it within. Talk to someone put minds together you are bound to get the inspiration to change your life.

This thing called Xenophobia has been happening for decades but it never had a clear name even in American cities, African cities, European villages and towns many groups we know are ostracised killed or even invaded because of some form of Xenophobia or the other. We remember how Xenophobia almost wiped our Rwanda and some in Germany (albeit with a different name but the same goal) but yet we keep resorting to it when we lose hope in achieving our dreams. Xenophobia does nothing but slow down the advancement of humanity. Killing another doesn’t make you successful maybe in the short term but the legacy is stained and therefore you risk not even being remembered at all.

Who remembers Cain in the Bible? Who would be proud to say their a descendant of Cain? Nobody remembers and celebrates the cannibalistic, European or African leaders we had in the past as opposed to leaders of a struggle so why do we do this to ourselves?

‘Your blacker than me?’

‘You’re Whiter than me?’

‘Your not from my country!’

‘Go back home’

Words like this are the commonly seen during episodes of Xenophobia but are you really from that country? Are you sure that you are not in fact an immigrant who settled somewhere? I talked about us this week on my podcast needing each other and how our civilisations would not have advanced had we not taken some inspiration or even had the help of other nations. Wars would have been lost, Many would have been killed and we would not have the advancement we have today.

The United Nations is not just supposed to be a closed door meeting it is meant to be a proclamation that we will remain United in fighting for the rights of everyone to live, work and pursue their dreams wherever they choose. No Statement from them no report nothing it’s shameful but for politics we have all the numbers. Every life lost in our times is a step back for humanity.

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