LifeStyle: Hong Kong Protests and What We can all Learn from This

Last week I tweeted about how inspired I am about the Hong Kong protests and how non-violent their sit-down protest at the Hong Kong International Airport. It was my first look at the protests and it was a. refreshing change from the norm I even applauded their Government for not teargassing the protesters and felt and all time great vibe from the silent cry for Freedom. “Freedom Is Free”

Less than a week later we are back to violent protests and rude and injurious behaviours such as throwing bricks and teargassing that leaves tax payers and already vulnerable citizens at the brunt for the damages and health costs. When will we as a society change our pattern ? I’ve discovered sometimes when we don’t get our way we don’t have to be violent or rest only on name calling and unruly behaviour we simply should assemble and stand in unity. That symbol is what makes our purpose worth it its what even our oppressors fail to do. We are valuable when we are able to show what we are worth without climbing from the rooftops or making it all about what we can gain monetarily.

I still believe the Hong Kong people have a right to speak against Leadership but not with actions that undermine the purpose of freedom. Freedom is never to hurt, stab, poison or even teargas someone its about being Wonderful at being you that it impacts and changes the world around you. When I started the Travel Blog it was a huge task and my decision was based on how I had seen a steady decline in foot traffic as a result of a tougher economy to work under. It was just a thought but it became a reality soon enough and value was created where it was needed as time went on.

As a leader never assume that anyone who criticises your leadership or has issues with your methods is your enemy. Even as a people we need to be more vocal and less destructive with our leaders, officials and government workers. We must stop taking out our frustrations on them a Government (although many will deny this) still needs the people to work effectively. Do not work against the people of your nation sometimes people’s cynicism can lead to your development and growth.

If you don’t know how it hurts you won’t know why it does. Those who offer you constructive criticism often help challenge you to stay committed to what you do. I wondered at one time what I would talk about on here 7 years ago I was worried about the content and traffic but now I’m more worried about how I can make an impact in my world from my base daily. I support Freedom that helps people become all they imagined and more because it spreads like wildfire to the rest of the world. Rich or Poor everybody can learn from this violence gets us more violence but love and understanding brings more hope for a brighter future. We all want to be free from the holds of modern day slavery where you are working twice as hard and not keeping the benefits.

Love and Light Always


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