LifeStyle: Great Habits that Stick

Hello Everyone welcome to the weekend when it comes to traveling the only thing that can affect the whole process is your ‘attitude’ while doing it. We took our time to come up with 5 great traveling habits that make every trip a peaceful one.

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  1. Patience Pays – Always remember that the difference between enjoying yourself and having a terrible experience is to manage your expectations and exercise patience. Some things take time and have a process and yes things could be a little faster but they work a lot better when people take time to do them and are under much pressure.
  2.  Respect the Que – Anytime you see a line you have to respect it and join it from the end. It definitely won’t irritate fellow travelers that took their time to line up to be served.
  3. Say No to Procrastination and Non Commitment – This tip is so important its about not leaving everything to the last minute. If you want to have a great holiday you have to be bold and trust your instincts. If you get to a ship and you notice something or have an inkling that something is wrong speak up. Don’t stay silent for fear of what others would say you don’t know how many lives you can say by being honest. Another point is to try and commit to do things. Do not put them off indefinitely they will never get done
  4. Do not Cheat, Lie or Steal your way through  Honesty has a way of rewarding us when we least expect it. I will advise that you do things the honest way for peace of mind. Nothing remains hidden forever.
  5. Last but not least ‘Always Smile’ and never forget to say your prayers – Even when its raining on your wedding day and your soaked and drenched in rain water God listens.

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