LifeStyle: Celebrating Men and Women that Make an Impact

Women’s Day 2021 brought a lot of joy, revelations, celebrations and messages uplifting and inspiring todays women. I want to use this opportunity to thank the amazing men that took time to celebrate women on that day. We have both come a long way but there is more that we can all do for each other. This past weekend was tense as the world watched a young couple bare their truth. Family is still Family and Love is still Love.

As a woman I learnt the most on women’s day about the strength of a woman and how men contribute to our strength by loving us and paying attention to our emotional needs. Men you are our protectors and we appreciate all you do to keep us safe. Please let us not slip up as one woman didn’t safely make it home this week. Her name was Sarah Everard we must never forget her name.

The harsh reality that every time we step out of the house Black, White, Asian, Native American or Latino we have to always remember to say our prayers. Everything we do must begin and end with our creator. It really dawned on me that we as a society have to start looking out for one another more especially the vulnerable and even the homeless. The world needs more love and it took us decades of war and gun violence to have a whole year where the sounds of nature are what puts us to sleep at night. Not tear gas or police batons it is our hearts that will preserve life. Children in war torn countries can finally sleep without waking up to see a huge hole in their sitting room.

We need more women like the women in the 60s that rallied together for the development and progression of our society. We need more men that will recognize the talents and expertise of both women and men. Sometimes we can get bored of tradition but its our identity it is who we really are on the inside and we must always preserve generations not silence them. Look out for your grandfathers and grandmothers, your wives, your husbands, your brothers, your sisters, your neighbors, you’re friends and your community that’s the only way things can really get beautiful for us all.

Touch somebodies life men or women just by being present. Comfort someone in a troubling time speak words that can change the dynamics of situations, dissolving conflict. Show love and concern towards the elderly amongst us. Its really okay to ask for help and its also okay to find your inner strength learning to handle things on your own. Help someone reinvent the wheel as opposed to abandoning the ship. Give yourselves a chance.

Thoughts and prayers with the Everard family, The Queens family, The Families of the parents of kidnappings and everyone of you who patronize us, partner with us to deliver it to you or listen to my music.

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