LifeStyle: Adding Value to what you do

Everyday I think its important to add value to whatever we love to do. The Magic Touch as I like to call it is your signature on the dotted lines of life. Long after we are gone many will remember not what we said but how we make them feel. Many will doubt your abilities, ignore your progress, consipire against you, conspire to discredit what you do and many may even mock you while your doing it but when you know the value you add to the equation you will always have a reason to smile.

Everyone has been taken advantage of and to be honest it really hurts us  but we have to be courageous and stand up for ourselves. Our strength is really when we are able to face life’s but still find creative ways to love and live. How we manage our time and embrace our talents and diversity matters too. We may like the same things do the same things but each of us has a unique stamp that is hard to replicate.

Running a blog is a lot more than just a desire to make income it’s having a true passion for travel and picking destinations you know people will enjoy and love. Striving to forge partnerships that will bring the best experiences and help us capture our greatest memories. It’s moments when you are tired and week and still find the strength to do something…..its valuable to you. 

We must never forget the corridors we laughed, cried and pleaded for justice but instead forge an attitude of success. To do everything with passion and a drive that nothing not even poverty can take that away.

I stand here today a product of love , dedication and service. Tested, Trusted and uplifted by the life of My Grandparents who  labored so my Parents could have a better life and so I continue tradition so my children will also have a better life. Despite the struggles, backstabbing, plots and intrigue we must stand as humans with a will to survive and recognize a leader with a vision. A Leader that truly believes in caring for the people.

In Conclusion once you know your true value in this world reflected by the people that listen to you it will be very difficult for anyone to underestimate you. Difficult for them to crush your dreams …then everyday will simply be a canvas waiting for your art.

If there is one thing my poverty ordeal in November 2015 taught me….its you are not to big to help …help the ones who have no problem saying Thank You. If I had stayed in a Hotel I would have been arrested for not being able to pay when there was money in my account

Thank God For Family Thank God for Wisdom

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