LifeStyle: Ableton Live

So when I am taking a break from traveling I always think it’s a  good time to make some music. There are tons of software on the market now that you can use but not many are as affordable as Ableton Live. Now in its 10th series the brand has continued to set the pace with a very easy to use system putting you in full control of the sound. Don’t have a MIDI Keyboard? With its handy keyboard midi option you don’t really have to do any tweaks and its all up and running.

The entry version is very affordable at only $99 so you’re really getting a good deal with whats included. I personally use Ableton Live 9 on the Mac for my really entry-level talent of Music Production and as a real beginner at making instrumentals I found the interface quite simple and educational to use. For beginners in music creation there are lots of helpful videos you can find on YouTube that can guide you if you need extra help but trust that Ableton’s huge knowledge base on the website.

You can check out all their products online including the latest one



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