July 4th and the Importance of Community
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July 4th and the Importance of Community

Today in the United States across  so many neighbourhoods millions will celebrate the 4th of July. A National Holiday also celebrating their National Independence

and a festive occasion and celebration of founding fathers and their legacy. I wasn’t fortunate to walk the streets when great men with great minds laid the foundation for the future but I see the strong undertone ‘the importance of community in todays society’.

To simply just gather with no grudges or pre conceptions but with the mindset that no matter your political affiliation you are human. You have no right to infringe upon the rights of others or take the life of anyone because of your beliefs. We live in a world where it is easier to kill than to complain for injustice let it not continue. Remember that what we sow we shall reap.

This day brings people together. Call your parents, invite your brothers and sisters, whip out the barbecue and dust off your dancing shoes there is more to life than power play.

Every time you turn on the news you hear about crisis but holidays like this one give us a chance to come together, reflect and carry on tradition. Every Country needs an Independence Day Celebration not elaborate but centered more on bringing communities together in good spirit


So happy 4th of July to our American Guests …..Be there for your Community and they will be there for you

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