Issues: Is it possible to actually love Someone forever?

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Over the short break I ran into a comment by a user on Youtube who doubted that it was possible for people to love each other forever. They sighted that sometimes when out of sight you can be out of mind and all the things that bring back the memories of a high school sweetheart who you no longer even recognise or remember their name. There are plenty of reasons why many would forget but also wonderful reasons why you are always remembered. I don’t blame this user at all, most of the songs we hear nowadays are not pro-love or being together always or even making things work. Its no surprise that many are not optimistic about a love that can last forever.

Smooth Ride or Truthful Ride?

Lasting forever doesn’t mean it’s going to be a smooth ride all the way through. There are going to be moments where you might even want to get off some steam and tell the truth. Chances are if they love you they might lash out but it’s never in a demoralising way. Your lover is a mirror of you so they are able to see themselves in a reflection through the way they treat you.

Most authentic lovers take an advisory way where you have the option of listening the first time or experiencing it first hand to learn from and it doesn’t stop happening until you learn to listen to the Love of your life. We must watch the way we address love and always remember to say “I am Sorry when you are wrong, Thank you when you are gifted with something and Please genuinely. These words we were taught as kids mean so much more in love.

Won’t Infidelity ruin that forever ?

Yes, infidelity can ruin your love forever just as quickly as you started it but there’s a way to salvage things if you just happened to hit that red button you should not have pressed.

Men really don’t hold infidelity high as a deal breaker because its just an expected thing to be done its like society has said ride on brother. Stick to them! Faithfulness takes a divine approach to love. If our bodies represent our God’s creation then it would mean that keeping yourself for your partner only preserves that divine connection and helps foster deeper bonds where you can enjoy a life free of scandal and emotional blackmail which mostly comes when people are a bit fearful of losing you so devaluing you is the only way they can justify the behaviour!

How can I love someone who would do that?

Well I always do if you’re counting scores on who will hurt you in life, you will run out of paper. Theres a lot of people who learned how to hurt people being hurt themselves and instead of treating to always leave and always find a better person you can choose to be their peace. This doesn’t mean go and rest in peace and let them totally dominate your life and your finances but it means you step up bravely to fill that gap with love. Speak to them and put some love and light in them. I never knew I was in love myself until from the depths of my pain in reaction I still cared.

We not even married yet? He won’t pick up the phone

It doesn’t matter a spouse always knows what to do and don’t forget its up to you to find a way to communicate with the love of your life. Don’t go all guerrilla in their backyard trying to see them but love them and they’ll notice that from the billions of people we have on the planet no two loves are the same. They can even have people around them who have never experienced the peace that comes with committed love. The growth it helps foster so you don’t keep trying to make people measure to unacceptable standards. Once had a guy suggest surgery but the lockdown help me get that ass cut lol so everyone has their ideal but love is about what’s real!

Hows love for you in the lockdown?

Well… lets just say he’s a God send who makes me laugh and wanna be funny when I should be upset its really weird but I love it.

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