Football Specials: Premier League Games You Can’t Miss

We have Special Rates on your favourite football events this week and beyond from Five Star Travel and our International Team.

Man City v Spurs 17th April

93:20 Suite £125

Leeds v Wigan 19th April

Longside GA £75

Everton v Man Utd 21st April

Peoples Club £275

Chelsea v Burnley 22nd April

Captains £100

Centenary/Zola/Wise £125

Spurs v Brighton 23rd April  

East Middle Travel Club £100

East Lower Central Travel Club £175

Man Utd v Man City 24th April

Quadrant Seats Block NW3420/3419 £250

Liverpool v Huddersfield 26th April

Sandon Offsite £350

Code L12 £450

Premier Club CE4/CE6 £500

Crystal Palace v Everton 27th April

Executive Box (viewing only) £75

Fulham v Cardiff 27th April

Putney £30

Exec Box with Hosp £85

Watford v Wolves 27th April

Directors Hosp UGT1 £75

Spurs v West Ham 27th April

East Middle Travel Club £475

East Lower Central Travel Club £650

Leeds v Aston Villa 27th April

Queens Hotel Offsite Hospitality £225

Southampton v Bournemouth 27th April

Saints Bar £85

Man Utd v Chelsea 28th April

Quadrant Seats £325

International £400

Lancashire Hospitality £425

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Please note that unless reduced tickets are sold as priced. Free Delivery for paper tickets for UK Residents. In some games there are strict rules to adhere to such as no away fans in a particular stand. Five Star Travel is not liable to refund you if you purchase the wrong tickets they are not resellable as your name is attached to them.

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