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January 27, 2021

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Foodie: 7 Stages of Eating in a Relationship

3 min read

We don’t know if we completely agree with the article especially with the Forever part lol but I do love to serve the love of my life coffee 🙂

Do you remember the glory days? The ones where you cared about what you looked like? What your partner looked like? What you smelled like? What he/she smelled like? Anything? Let’s take a walk down memory lane to those days. The non-smelly ones. We’ll reconvene at the end to talk about how these days are pretty great, too. They’re just, you know. Smellier.

“Hey! Are you around tonight? Was thinking sushi with Allie, Jess, Jess, Jen, and Erin, if you wanted to join? It’ll be so fun! Bring whoever! All the sushi! Yay!”

1 month
“Babe, I don’t know that I’m feeling Italian tonight, but literally anything else is fine. Yeah, no, I’m just trying to avoid garlic and tomato sauce, it’s this cleanse I’m trying. Yeah, no, it’s a thing. How about sushi? Yeah, no, let’s do sushi, that’s fun!”

3 months
“Babe, how was your day? Are you hungry? I am S-T-A-R-V-I-N-G. Would you maybe want sushi? Yeah, no, no, you’re right, we always get sushi. How about Thai? Or diner food? I would 100 percent split mozz sticks with you. That would be so cute and fun, yeah? Yeah?! OK, great, let’s do it.”

6 months
“Babe, I don’t mean to be dramatic, but if I don’t eat in the next five minutes, I am going to keel over and die. No, I still don’t want anything with red sauce. Or garlic. No! OMG, no, not Indian. I just don’t want Indian! If you don’t want sushi, would you maybe do, like, Mexican? Actually, no, not Mexican. Or even that “New American” place down the block, that could be fun?”

9 months
“OK. OK, yes. I’ve given up my nine-month garlic-and-red-sauce cleanse. We can go to that cute Italian place Jake proposed to Erin at. Yeah, it’s supposed to be……..the food is supposed to be great! Come on, let’s go.”

1 year
“Babe, I had half a four-day-old burrito for lunch and I’m so gassy. Can you just pick up some Wonton soup or chicken fingers or something on your way over? Also, dessert? Maybe gummy bears or that new triple-layer Haagen-Dazs shit I saw earlier at Wawa? I don’t know, whatever looks good. Also, do you have Imodium or anything?”

3 years
“OK, I love you, but I want to cry. How could you not have picked up milk and my Very Specific And Preferred Brand almond butter?? You know my period is raging on day two and I DON’T ASK FOR MUCH, BUT–you know what? Whatever. I love you.”

“Literally I will pay you with sex for bringing my coffee up here, but NOT UNTIL I SAY SO. Thank you, love you, bye.”


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