About Us

Country: Nigeria       Contact Person: Olusola Odu     Contact Person email: info@ttsng.com

Postal Address: Naira4AChange PO. Box 3531 Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria   (Please call for location)

Ways you can donate: 

Naira4AChange was announced on the 25th of September 2016 by Travel Technology Services in Lagos Nigeria. Representing the Youth we are committed to providing better welfare and educational support to the Youth of Nigeria. The Organization is non-governmental and mainly charity funded.  Our main goal is to educate as many youths as possible and provide communities with adequate school supplies as well as setup interactive computer labs.

We accept donations from anyone and in all currencies. Online we accept skrill payments. Our email address for skrill we also accept cash and other types of donations such as food items, old computers in good condition to be refurbished and donated.

The Main Goals of the Organization are:

  • To promote the social welfare of the Youth in Nigeria
  • To reduce the amount of dropouts at all levels of education for the Youths in Nigeria
  • To contribute immensely to the development of the Youth in Nigeria
  • To Teach Leadership and Entrepreneurial skills in schools across Nigeria
  • To equip the Nigerian Youth with what they need to lead


In order to achieve our goals, Naira4AChange will maintain and run social services, counseling services and a hotline for distressed and displaced youth. We also would appreciate the assistance of volunteers across the nation to assist us in spreading our mission.

Corporate Sponsorship.

We welcome donations from Corporate Organizations within and outside of Nigeria to assist us in registering and kicking off our initiative with the appropriate local authorities.

Your Generous Donation goes towards helping Nigerian Youths gain the opportunities they otherwise wont have due to the hardships they face on a daily basis. Our foundation is dedicated to providing assistance to displaced and affected youths nationwide.

To Find out more please call  Our Hotline +234-909-7396526,