Cities We Love: Ibadan Noni!
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Cities We Love: Ibadan Noni!

Famously nicknamed ‘Ile Oluyole’ – “The city at the edge of the savannah”


Ibadan (Yoruba: Ìbàdàn or fully (Ìlú) Ẹ̀bá-Ọ̀dàn, (the city at) the edge of the savannah) is the capital city of Oyo State and the third largest metropolitan area, by population, in Nigeria, after Lagos and Kano, with a population of over 3 million Ibadan is also the largest metropolitan geographical area. At Nigerian independence, Ibadan was the largest and most populous city in the country and the third in Africa after Cairo and Johannesburg.


Where to Stay?

Helendale Guest House, GRA Ibadan



Located in an Area that is Close to the Business District yet you feel tucked in and refreshed each night also close to University of Ibadan and other popular places. Friendly staff ensure that they keep you entertained.  They also have an ATV for some mid day riding.


Price Range:

15,000 – 30,000 NGN per night…you can also have breakfast in bed with their efficient Room Service


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  1. I cant stay there for a pennyy,with hooligans they call staffs,shout here and there,call for a meal,you will regret you ever do,its obvious and glaring the staffs are not happy.and not well brought up………………i will suggest ,this hotel is a no go area.

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