The full sized bag is perfect for days where you need a little more organization- with two wall pockets, a zipper pocket, and a built in wallet, everything has it’s place. It will even fit that kindle or small novel if you have some down time while traveling, making itContinue Reading

Dear Guests, We know how sometimes its frustrating when during your travels you forget your charger plugged in at the wall. Your phone goes dead and when you reach for your charger is no where to be found then you remember you left it in the hotel! You either haveContinue Reading

Dear Guests, We love the fact that this device is small enough to fit into your pocket and does not lack anything technology wise. The small device is packed with 8-megapixel ultra-light with image stabilization, face recognition and a vestigial viewfinder for quick snaps. Small and Mighty this particular device remindsContinue Reading

Dear Guests, Have you ever wondered how to keep your children busy during long layovers? Do you get bored while waiting during your layover. Well we have the right solution for you. A group of designers based in Estonia designed the perfect gift to keep you or your kids well engaged in some creativeContinue Reading