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BTS 1ST/2nd June Clubs Block 210-216 1st  Premium Block 228 2nd  Hugh Jackman 3rd-5th June  Block 102 VIPs 3rd £95, 4th £75, 5th  Summertime Ball 8th June Clubs Block 226-228 Spice Girls 13th-15th June Clubs Block 223 13th  Clubs Block 220-224 14th  Clubs Block 208-216 15th  VIP Hosp Block 143 15th  Drinks Hosp Block 251 15th Continue Reading

We are pleased to confirm that Tottenham Hotspur have confirmed the opening of their new stadium. The first game will be Crystal Palace on Wednesday 3rd April 2019. This means the following games will all take place at Tottenham’s new home: THFC v Crystal Palace THFC v Man City (ChampionsContinue Reading

Sport Event Date Package Premier League Soccer Manchester City v Watford 09/03/2019 Citizens Hospitality £95 (single), Block 303 GA £85 Premier League Soccer Crystal Palace v Brighton & Hove Albion 09/03/2019 Exec Box (viewing only) £95, Longside GA £75 Premier League Soccer Chelsea v Wolverhampton Wanderers 10/03/2019 Centenary, Zola, Wise Suites £125 PremierContinue Reading

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Dear Guests, Our FA Cup Options are now available to purchase we have: Manchester United v ReadingKit Room £50International Suite £55 Manchester City v Rotherham93:20 Suite £20Citizens Hospitality £75  Manchester City v Rotherham93:20 Suite £20Citizens Hospitality £75  Everton v Lincoln CityPeoples Club £30 Semi final 1 and 26th and 7thContinue Reading

We have exciting deals for our ATP Tour Clients in London. You can now Save more with Five Star Travel because you’re paying in  local currency. ATP Lower Tier Seating 15th Afternoon Session £50 16th Afternoon Session £50 16th Evening Session £95 17th Semi final Afternoon £145  18th – ATP FinalContinue Reading