Elegance and Royalty work hand in hand and this week we are loving The Queen of England HRH Queen Elizabeth the II. We would like to thank The Brittanica for providing us the full biography of Her Royal Highness. In case you don’t know her full name is Elizabeth AlexandraContinue Reading

Nobody does it like Tina! When you hear the phrase What’s love gotta do with it? you instinctively think of Grammy Award winning superstar Tina Turner and her timeless song. The truly iconic singer was born Anna Mae Bullock on November 26th in Nutbush, Tennessee. She didn’t grow up inContinue Reading

Angelina Jolie is a wonderful mother, actress, filmmaker, philanthropist and a humanitarian. She has received many accolades for her work both offscreen and onscreen including an Academy Award and three Golden Globe Awards. She has also been named Hollywood’s highest paid actress many times. She made her screen debut inContinue Reading

On February 26th 2020 just like any Sunday I was checking TMZ for the latest news unfortunately for me it was when the tragic death of Oscar Winner, Five Time NBA Champion Kobe Bean Bryant, his daughter Gigi and seven others was filtering in. A part of me froze tearsContinue Reading

We love them for their ability to stay together through thick and thin. Their spectacular world stage performances, entrances and exits to occasions. Their contributions to culture, music and the struggle also helping artists discover their true talents. We can’t deny their great value to Society and the wonderful musicContinue Reading

We love our Team Manager simply because he has continued to bring something fresh to the team in every game. New gameplay, new tactics and more importantly inspiration is what is needed to be a good manager. The ability to learn from your predecessor is important to continuing a tractionContinue Reading

Dave Chappelle to me is one of the most gifted and honest comedians in the world today. He makes laughing truly what it should be spontaneous and endless. I Don’t know if maybe it’s because it isn’t forced and repetitive it actually flows from down in his soul. You mayContinue Reading

Though I am a practising Christian I have always admired the Dalai Lama for his simplistic living. Lhamo Thondup was born on July 6, 1935 in Taktser, China, northeast of Tibet, to a peasant family. … Young Lhamo was renamed Tenzin Gyatso and proclaimed the 14th Dalai Lama.  Dalai Lamas are believed to beContinue Reading

Who Is Regina King? Regina King was born on January 15, 1971 in Los Angeles, California. She is best known for her role as Mary Jenkins’s (played by Marla Gibbs) studious daughter, Brenda Jenkins, on the popular 1980s sitcom, 227 and for her critically-acclaimed supporting role in the feature filmContinue Reading