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BTS 1ST/2nd June Clubs Block 210-216 1st  Premium Block 228 2nd  Hugh Jackman 3rd-5th June  Block 102 VIPs 3rd £95, 4th £75, 5th  Summertime Ball 8th June Clubs Block 226-228 Spice Girls 13th-15th June Clubs Block 223 13th  Clubs Block 220-224 14th  Clubs Block 208-216 15th  VIP Hosp Block 143 15th  Drinks Hosp Block 251 15th Continue Reading

Artist Date Ticket type Venue BTS 01-Jun Club Wembley 210-216 Wembley, London Hugh Jackman 03-Jun VIP 102 O2 Arena, London Hugh Jackman 04-Jun VIP 102 O2 Arena, London Hugh Jackman 05-Jun VIP 102 O2 Arena, London Hugh Jackman 07-Jun VIP 102 O2 Arena, London Summer Time Ball 08-Jun Premium ClubsContinue Reading

Sport Event Date Package Premier League Soccer Manchester City v Watford 09/03/2019 Citizens Hospitality £95 (single), Block 303 GA £85 Premier League Soccer Crystal Palace v Brighton & Hove Albion 09/03/2019 Exec Box (viewing only) £95, Longside GA £75 Premier League Soccer Chelsea v Wolverhampton Wanderers 10/03/2019 Centenary, Zola, Wise Suites £125 PremierContinue Reading