Hello Everyone, How are you and yours? We are excited to be back blogging again and bringing you affordable deals on flights, cruises, broadway specials, hotels and properties. We took a long vacation at the beginning of lockdown to rest and get more up coming deals. This month is BlackContinue Reading

On the 1st October 2020, Nigeria will be celebrating its diamond jubilee as it turns 60. The Government is planning a year long celebration both offline and online and we can’t wait to join them to celebrate this great nation. A lot of us who were born here in Nigeria areContinue Reading


“So Sol means “So Shine” it’s a combination of the first two letters of my name and the French word for Sun. ” Sola Soul Intelligent Art and Music, Five Star Travel Blog and Sola Soul are coming together to bring you an urban outfits that have and speak soul.Continue Reading

Often times I spend a lot of time eating out at restaurants especially if its to avoid traffic or just kill sometime before meeting back up with people. Some places you love the vibe, appreciate the price and added services make it all worth it. The Chinese Restaurant at MegaContinue Reading

Happy Independence Day Nigeria this is Home Sweet Home! a land of many colours, tribes and diverse options in making a career of doing what you love. Nigeria at 59 is blessed by its people, its resources and her self sufficiency but she lacks a leadership that unites in strength.Continue Reading

As Africans united in the struggle against Racism dealt to us by our former colonisers we must strive to kick out traces of Xenophobia amongst us. What happened in South Africa recently shocked the world because of the level of violence and complete disregard for the life of a fellowContinue Reading