Articles: Using an Agency vs Online Purchase

In Today’s society many people traditionally think Travel Agencies are expensive but the truth is we are not. Take our agency for example we are flexible with pricing and we also bargain on behalf of our clients. We take pride in our business and we are not satisfied until you get want you want. We are with you every step of the way and its means much more than a 1800 number away. Many will most likely book their flights online after all its faster forgetting that each time we submit our data online we are potentially risking our sensitive data to online hackers. Sometimes it happens that the online price is so much higher than for me to place a call to the hotel directly as an agent.

Agents are resourceful and great to have for those last minute changes and alterations. We are flexible and we are truly dedicated to helping you enjoy your experience. To Agents you are not just a seat number you are our guest. I grew up in the travel business and much of my experience is inspired by watching those around me. I have come to the conclusion that Agencies provide a stable and better assurance in quality of service for today’s travel climate.


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