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May 7, 2021

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Airline News: Easy Jet Cyber Attack

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Just as the world is gradually getting back to normalcy and adjusting to life with the corona virus pandemic Easy Jet the budget airline company most preferred in the United Kingdom and beyond by millions of customers looking to save on discounted tickets announced today that they were the victims of a cyber attack where customer’s data, travel history and credit card details were stolen.

The budget airline, which is currently inactive due to the coronavirus crisis, said its data has been accessed by criminals. There is currently no evidence that the information has been misused by criminals, but nine million customers’ email addresses and travel details been accessed by “highly sophisticated” hackers. Passport and credit card details don’t appear to have been tampered with. However, the credit card details of more than 2,200 million customers have been exposed. A statement from the airline confirmed: “There is no evidence that any personal information of any nature has been misused.”

The statement went on to say: “However, on the recommendation of the ICO, we are communicating with the approximately 9m customers whose travel details were accessed to advise them of protective steps to minimise any risk of potential phishing. The statement went on to say: “However, on the recommendation of the ICO, we are communicating with the approximately 9m customers whose travel details were accessed to advise them of protective steps to minimise any risk of potential phishing.

“We are advising customers to continue to be alert as they would normally be, especially should they receive any unsolicited communications.

“We also advise customers to be cautious of any communications purporting to come from easyJet or easyJet Holidays.”

Johan Lundgren, easyJet CEO, added: “We take the cyber security of our systems very seriously and have robust security measures in place to protect our customers’ personal information. 

“However, this is an evolving threat as cyber attackers get ever more sophisticated.”

Cisco WiFi Routers Attacked After Code Hack Posted - SDxCentral
“Hacker’s are getting more sophisticated”

Our Thoughts

This actually comes as a shock to us because this week while looking at my block counts we have close to 1000 coming from particular countries and they seemed to be using the ‘admin’ login or ‘ttsng’ and we just block them for 4 hours or more and when it gets too much we block the IP or the range we will not name these countries. In today’s climate please do not use admin as your username its important its common its guessable. We like our partners in booking protect ourselves and we recommend Easy Jet protect themselves with a team of security experts. We have had to…

It needs to work round the clock even when you don’t.

Our Block Statistics

We are just a travel blog but you will not imagine the daily attacks we get and this is why instead of using API call and get systems and having an airline give us a backend solution for your safety we opted for an actual landing page instead so we are sure that your information is protected safely and securely. There is no need in retaining the data once you have booked a ticket we don’t even see your full name all we know is you booked the ticket and how much you paid. We have decided safety begins with us and the way we do business and that’s the way business should be …..protected. We don’t need to know where you’ve been we just want to make sure you get there safely and securely.

How can you protect your data if you are affected by the hack?

Inform your bank to be on the watch out for any funny transactions and if possible claim it as lost or stolen and get a new one sent to you.

Do not respond to emails even ours that do not use your name or email to identify you even if its Netflix, Apple Plus or even Disney Plus or Hulu you are a valued customer to them you pay money monthly they know you by your first name. We like to keep things non personal and all we retain for our mailing list is your email address. Even if its your sister with an attachment or video ask them what the video is about and if they can’t explain it …its fishy

Do not save your cards for later use its tempting and saves you time on websites even if you visit quite often it is risky because it may be stored locally or on their server in places hackers can get to.

Use a VPN at the airport when booking online FREE WIFI won’t always be secure. Also make it a point to ask bank employees you speak to on the telephone to provide you with information to double check that they are not phishing you for information as opposed to working for the bank like they claim. You can ask them for the last deposit you made.

I personally help my mum whenever she gets a call from the bank because the elderly are always vulnerable especially as some of these scam agents are often nice and pleasant to begin with and ruthless in the end.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all and best regards and please stay safe we are in a pandemic yes but don’t forget some people are going to use this to take advantage and test the vulnerable servers first. When I created this website even before we sold our first ticket we had security.

It is the first thing you should think of if you are doing business in a modern world.

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