Happy New Year Everyone!

We made it to 2017


Take a Deep Breath



Every New Year I believe we get a gift from God  that comes just as we open our eyes on New Year’s Day. A chance to create a new beginning for ourselves. The old things are passed away and the way we handled things last year may not necessarily work this year and we have to understand that. We all have to grow and shed a part of us that doesn’t help us reach the next level of wisdom.  Have hope and trust that what is for you will always stick with you even in business. Try and be an innovator and not imitator in life. Last year brought a lot of harsh lessons for the world especially losing so many people to death and war.

We must see human life as valuable. Conflict is something we can’t avoid in life but if you can make a difference be an instrument of peace for others. Stand as a protector of human rights even if you are standing alone.

Life is for living  and companies like ours were started to give everyone a chance to visit the wonderful places around the world for less. To experience the five-star side of life regardless of where you are coming from.

Humility and Kindness should be a lasting legacy in our lives and we should strive to leave good memories behind wherever we go.  Never give up on your goals because the time it takes is experience well needed for your commitment to get where you need to be. This year is about Family, Friends, Love and Relaxation so please  stay tuned for our  amazing getaways and cruise options.

I had an amazing holiday I am back to work I redesigned the office so The TV is behind me. This year we do things differently…We recognize the Gift


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