Travel Gadget: Steve Aoki Micro Luggage Carry On

The Steve Aoki Micro Luggage is the perfect accessory for those who would like to travel in style. We love the artistic front side and the fact that it double’s as a fold-able scooter so you can literally ride yourself to the gate. Great for Adults even perfect for kids.

Fly to Your Gate on Micro Luggage: Kickboard, bag, and trolley in one. Our well-known Micro Luggage has started the next round with a range of new and optimized features. As before, the handlebar is based on the principle of weight transfer. The rider applies weight appropriately and curve riding can be mastered with ease. Weight: 4.6 kg, normally approved as hand luggage. Case capacity: 26 liters. Operation: For your safety, the closing/opening mechanism is designed to lock when under pressure. Applying gentle pressure the *opposite* direction while pulling up on the chevron-colored cord allows the locking mechanism to be easily disengaged. To unfold: Gently press the deck towards the luggage bag while pulling up the chevron cord; lift until deck clicks into position. To fold-down: Gently press the scooter bag away from the standing deck while pulling up on the chevron-colored cord; close until product clicks into position.