Dear Guests,

On the 8th of March every year the World celebrates International Women’s Day. Honestly as a woman I am thankful for the wisdom, heart and hands the Lord gave us women. Our strength, our courage and our perseverance in the toughest times make us divine. From the miracles of child-birth to the building of a home we are truly special. For when a man loves a woman  he anchors in safe harbor. We think we should celebrate women and men everyday and not just wait for the public days but today I just wanted to drop a message for all the women out there. Sometimes we are taken for granted but don’t give up there is always a silver lining.

No matter what situations you find yourself in never forget the Queen you are and the tools you have to build.


W – Wisdom ….A man who listens to his woman can never deny the wisdom that comes from her soul

O- Obey…. A true woman Obeys God before her man and serves her family righteously

M- Manager….She acts with the  skill of deciding the best ways to take care of the family

A- Anchor…..Your safe harbor, your friend, your sister your confidante.

N- Natural.Blessed divinely to be humble down to earth and welcoming 

Celebrate the real WOMEN in your life.


A real woman doesn’t want your money she wants something you don’t give freely to others


With Love,