Dear Guests,

We were truly honored to participate in a birthday celebration with family in Dubai these past few days. I sincerely recommend that we all take time even if it’s a couple of days to rest and recuperate. It does something amazing to the mind.

Tour Brokers International our partner in business, educational, pilgrimage and cruise tours handled the logistics for the trip. This was also the first time we experienced their amazing service and they impressed us so much we definitely want to share the service with you our loyal guests. Pick any destination or tour activity in any country and we will book it for you. You will experience Five Star Service. It was handled in a truly professional and smooth manner. From ground transportation to the locations everything was amazing.

We flew Emirates Airlines for the first time and to be honest it’s now my preferred airline. As a travel enthusiast I truly appreciate airlines that make the extra effort to make you feel more than a sale. Airlines that make it a point to provide you true comfort as you fly. The Crew were friendly and warm and the bathrooms stayed spotless and comfortable even in coach.

The Dubai International Airport noted for having the fastest immigration processing unit in the world truly lives up to the hype. This was our first time flying through the Dubai International Airport and we loved it every minute of it the fact that we didn’t have to take off our shoes and also the architecture and design. Dubai is the perfect example of how Technology truly has advanced to the point where we can be treated wonderfully  and served without making us uncomfortable. That the Five Star Difference and we support business that make an effort to go the extra mile for us. Everyone played their part because they love what they do. Where there is passion for helping others and not just yourself there will be true success.

We stayed at the JW Marquis noted for stunning architecture – The twin towers , excellent customer service, endless amenities and excellent options for continental options in fine dining. Every associate was friendly and cooperative and truly there to assist. Perhaps this is why the hotel has amazing patronage. The rooms where beautifully designed and the amenities where adequate. Room Service is extremely punctual and everything right down to the shower and optional bathtub was truly Five Star. From a personalized welcome message to complimentary water they set the standard for how its done. Our trip was amazing I recommend this Hotel.




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Five Star Travels

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