Dear Guests,

Get to know the true Brazilian character and learn how to prepare delicious local dishes with our gastronomy program. A tasty experience where every mouthful is an event to be savored.

Our program starts in Rio De Janeiro, where you’ll learn how to prepare the most authentic Brazilian dish: the feijoada. Accompanied by a chef, learn the secrets of this famous dish while drinking caiprinhas. Savor the fejioada and follow to the cable car ride up to the Sugar Loaf to contemplate a beautiful sunset. Finish the day at the Urca bar, enjoying some appetizers and beer in the charming mureta.

On the following day, taste Brazilian food while walking around the city. Try exotic Amazonian fruits, tira-gostos (the classic bar snacks that keeps Rio’s legendary bar scene thriving) and a delicious regional lunch with jerky beef, pumpkin and feijão de corda (a popular kind of beans in the North and the Northeast of Brazil). Visit the Corvocado and complete your culinary experience with a dinner at the exquisite Chef’s table at Copacabana Palace. In the heart of the Cipriani Restaurant’s kitchen, the chef Orini prepares an array of of fine dishes, carefully paired with selected wines.

The next stop is Sãu Paulo, one of World’s gastronomic centers. In the following 2 days you will combine the city’s main attractions with delicious meals. Have a pão de queijo (cheese’s Bread) at the Pateo de Colégio, the place where the city was founded; try a pastel with sugar cane juice, served in one of the city’s street fairs; visit Mercado Municipal, taste some fruits, delicacies and buy the ingredients to prepare the chosen lunch menu in the chef’s home kitchen. Enjoy the city’s view with a fine drink in the Skye Bar and a typical barbecue dinner  in the renowned Figueira Rubaiyat churrascarria.

In Salvador, spend 3 nights among its vibrant culture and cuisine, a real festival for the senses. Visit the city and savor some local cachaça; discover the traditional Rio Vermelho neighborhood at night, enjoy the acarajé at the famous Dadá stand, followed by a typical Bobó de Camarõ dinner in the Casa de Tereza restaurant; during the day, explore the Ceasinha (local market) for tasting delicacies and regional lunch, followed by gourmet coffee discovery. Visit the popular market and learn about the ingredients that will be used to prepare the famous moqueca baiana, enjoy this lunch and sunset drink at Solar so Unhão.

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