Dear Guests,

Discover a new way to appreciate the diverse cultures, compelling history and staggering wonders of our planet. When you take a cruise with Oceania Cruises you can browse the colourful market stalls of Manilla, dine on top of  the towering skyscrapers in Hong Kong and Shanghai and admire the stunning natural beauty of the Mekong Delta. You can wander among the ancient temples and sacred pagodas in Bangkok and Mumbai. Explore the lush Vietnamese countryside or the incredible man-made marvels in Egypt. View statues made of gold, walk along the Great Wall, stroll the sacred gardens and shop at the bustling bazaars.

So whether you’re looking for a quiet getaway with your family or a religious retreat Oceania Cruises has the right itineraries for you. You can explore the treasures of the desert sands or admire the view from ocean-front shrines, the variety, scope and sweeping history of Asia will fill you with Awe and Appreciation.

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