Dear Guests,

As we wave goodbye to summer we can’t help but gaze back in amazement of how fast it went. Many of us in our various countries experienced a faster summer than usual. A lot of people couldn’t wait for it to be over while the kids certainly wish they had another month left of holidays. Today I wanted to share some words of encouragement to anyone out there who might need it.

Life is Beautiful not because its perfect but because it’s filled so much wisdom needed to live a fulfilling life. You truly need to see different cultures, interact with different kinds of people and visit areas in the world to truly understand the beauty of life. No matter what you seem to be going through never forget that the gift of life is a blessing on its own. Friends come and go money comes and goes but the moment a life is lost we feel the impact and the sense that something is missing. Value the ones close to you nobody knows the day their going to die and I a pretty sure if we did the lines for extension will go round a couple blocks.

Live every day like its your last. Love your neighbour’s no matter what they harbor in their heart for you. We really owe it to our next generation to set the legacy today.



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