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Dear Guests,

It is important to remember that while getting your tickets online (for convenience)  your privacy and your safety could be at risk. Many groups target large web companies for their credit card data  and information. Don’t be a victim you gain privacy and a dedicated agent to ensure that your vacation plans run smoothly.

Negotiation is also a huge benefit of a Travel Agency there are certain services we can afford to give you a discount on because of our length of service in the Industry.

Get the Five Star Treatment when you travel Locally or Internationally no matter what country you live in. If there is an airport we can get you there! In a hurry? We have Navy Airport Escort Service for an extra fee from Muritala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos.

For your Travel Bookings, Cruise Tickets, Group Excursions and Destination Weddings

Call Agent Sola today on +2348093565515


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