Top 10 Cities to Visit in Nigeria and How we can Help you Get there

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Dear Guests,

Visit the beautiful West African country of Nigeria. Revel in the sights and sounds and deep culture Nigeria has to offer. We present to you our top ten list of cities in Nigeria.


10) Osogbo – The Art Capital of Nigeria Osogbo is really a city for exploring. The people are friendly the atmosphere is natural as opposed to the other cities listed. Osogbo is a quiet retreat away from the Bossling city life. There so many attractions like Waterfalls and Rocks to feed the adventurer in you. Osogbo can be accessed by Road or by flying into a nearby city by Air

9) Akure – Located in the South Western region of Nigeria, Akure is the largest city and capital of Ondo   state. A city well known for its medical expertise and adequate health facilities. Akure offers tourists a dose of shopping, dining and relaxing. Akure is also well known for the peaceful diversity between Christians and Muslims living in the state. Akure can be accessed by Road or by Air by flying into a nearby city and driving the rest of the journey.

8) Owerri – Owerri is a city in the Eastern part on Nigeria that has a growing vibrant economy. In recent years the government has vowed to improve the overall security of the state. As  a result the standard of living has improved. The city offers a wide range of activities when visiting. Owerri can be accessed by Air or by Road

7) Uyo – Uyo is a city in the southeastern region of Nigeria, it is the capital of Akwa Ibom state, a major oil producing state. Uyo is fast growing and housing is affordable. The city also boasts the  Ibom Connection and the prestigious Le Meridien Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort. Uyo can be accessed by Air or by Road

6) Benin City – The Ancient city of Benin is  the capital of Edo State and where most of the countries rubber is produced. Benin is well know for its rich culture, tourist attractions and vibrant night life. Benin that has one of the best higher educational institutions in the nation. New roads and transportation services make the city truly a joy to visit. Benin can be accessed by Air or by Road

5 ) Ibadan – Closer to Lagos than most of the cities in our countdown Ibadan is “Small London” as I like to call it. The people are friendly and helpful just like in any city in Nigeria but they are also socially responsible. Everyone looks out for each other in Ibadan. Great place to visit

4) EnuguThe coal city of the state Enugu, Enugu has quite a number of Tourist destinations to make the trip worthwhile. The city has a low crime and murder rate so its great for families. With friendly people and a lovely climate Enugu is a great place to be. You can fly directly to Enugu or Travel by Road.

3) Abuja – The current Capital of Nigeria Abuja a thriving city and perhaps what I would say is What Lagos should look like ideally if things were well planned. Huge tourist attractions and shopping districts to ensure you enjoy most of your stay. Abuja can be accessed by Road or Car

2) Calabar – Calabar also referred to as the People’s paradise is the host city for TINAPA and other tourist aimed attractions. The city has a number of ranches and resorts as well as hotels that offer great services. Calabar is our California with breathtaking views and a natures reserve.

1) Lagos– The City of Dreams as I like to call it. Lagos is the hub of Nigeria and the melting point where all religions and races meet. Very crowded but Lagos has much more to offer than most cities in terms of Entertainment and Activities. There are fantastic options for hotels in Lagos but there is a high cost of living. Lagos is for those who love Big Cities and good people

How can we help you get there?


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