Ebola Chronicles: Deadly Disease Threatens The World’s Travel Industry

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Dear Guests,

As we say goodbye to a Somber Summer we cant help but reflect on the disease that changed the way we travel in and out of West Africa. The Deadly Ebola disease to some is a myth and a weapon of mass destruction to others. No one knows how the disease became an epidermic again after so many years of laying dormant. Lives have been lost and families have been torn apart.

Many countries affected are being isolated globally and the media seems to perpetuate more fear than awareness. Airlines know the true cost of isolating Africa from their Travel Market. Our parent company is situated in Lagos, Nigeria in West Africa but the situation has been contained. A very close client Dr. Adadevoh lost their life in the fight protecting our nation and we will always remember her for her love and kindness

Our will is for Africa Stay Strong at this time and for everyone to take care of their health. We believe we will fight this deadly disease and the world will be free to travel again with no fear.

Wishing everyone a successful Customer Service Week

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