Travel Rumors: Passengers Getting Robbed in Hotels in Paris

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We hope all our guests enjoyed the weekend

We heard from a client that there is a rumor going round that passengers staying in Paris should be extra careful as there has been a case of robbery in hotel rooms. The rumored case involves a family of 4 where all their passports were stolen and they were left stranded with no money and high debt.

This can be an incredibly frustrating experience and our hearts truly go out to those concerned therefore we would like to advice all our guests to Please:


1.Utilize the indoor safe

2. Padlock all when leaving the room.

3. Know your room attendants name and description and make sure you leave certain traps

4. Try and reduce the amount of cash you carry with you on person.


Everywhere we go there might be a chance of robbery but prevention is always better than cure.

Stay Safe and Healthy,

TTS Staff

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