Article: Travel is not an Escape its a time to Recuperate

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This week I stumbled on a Facebook post where an individual lashed out on travelers I didn’t really want to give the status merit but the person said something along the lines of


If you were satisfied with your life then you wouldn’t need to escape it.


At first I thought to myself what? I don’t get so if I travel or I assist others in travelling its an Escape? from what?


Travel isn’t an Escape dear its an opportunity to recuperate and come back refreshed and for some its the only opportunity they get to see their loved ones.


It’s easy to get up and make a post on Facebook but you never think of the millions separated from loved ones and they have to travel. I remember a particular client of mine who had been going through some serious cases at work. They came and asked for a recommendation on where to go. I having been there and enjoyed the stay recommended the same town and same hotel. I didn’t have to rely on reviews I had first hand experience. We are all uniquely different and so are our tastes. Travel Agencies were created to help customers plan their vacations better.  How many people can honestly say that while booking online they got 100% off what they paid for? There wasn’t the unexpected factor you never saw coming?

So sorry sister girl while you might think we Escape …We rest to come back better than ever

Travel the World ….the world needs our culture


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