A Calm and Relaxing Stay – Sandy Haven Resort, Jamaica $200 a night

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Dear  Guest,


Lets help you plan a summer to remember visit the beautiful Country of Jamaica. Revel in its rich culture and discover new sights and sounds. We are offering this hotel for $200 a night with all service charges inclusive.


A boutique island paradise in Jamaica’s world-famous Negril, with breakfast, a garden suite and a day on Cabana Beach

Come for Jamaica’s world-famous beaches, and stay for Sandy Haven Resort—a sophisticated oceanfront boutique property in Negril that effortlessly wins over guests with its tranquil setting and relaxed vibe, not to mention local cuisine and a destination-worthy outdoor spa in the sand.

Situated on Jamaica’s west end, there’s no shortage of activities on this side of the island, whether you’re up for a bit of golfing, swimming or an adrenaline-seeking rush exploring local caves and natural springs. With your own private cabana on these world-famous sands, chances are, you’ll have a hard time leaving the beach.

-Secret Escapes


Just back your bags give us a call and we will handle the rest +2348097122384


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